Friday, January 29, 2010

We Interrupt this January

We have three more days of January and I have to say that on behalf of many friends and family, I will be ready to see it done.

1. Mother-in-law had knee replacement surgery. She is doing really well and recovering nicely.
2. Close family member overdosed on prescription painkillers and after a 40 year battle with addiction, is in rehab for the next few months.
3. Close friend's son was in the hospital for two weeks with RSV, pneumonia, and other issues, and has now been home two weeks and last night my friend and her kids were in a car accident. They are ok - banged up and bruised with stitches.
4. Close friend's husband has been in and out of the hospital with complications and infections from a surgery in December.
5. Close friend headed to Haiti for three weeks wearing a bullet proof vest in order to help get orphans out of the country.

And that is just the beginning of all of the challenges. I am just grateful that things are seemingly calm in my life right now so that if my help is needed, I am available. I am praying daily for inner peace as all of the chaos goes on around me, and thankfully Heavenly Father is helping me out with that. I have several blog posts that I will catch up on one of these days. You may be reading about July.

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Audrey said...

Yeesh! What a month! I totally echo your sentiment. January did kinda stink.