Thursday, February 25, 2010

Overheard in the Rocking Chair

Josh: "Mom, what do you really want for your birthday?"
Me: "World peace."
Josh: "I've got it! (snap) You are a lover of chocolate, right?"
Me: "I've gotta go facebook."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tap Tap - anyone there?

I really have no idea if anyone reads this anymore.

Oh well.

Today I have been making plans for New York. Plans that include seeing "Wicked", eating pizza, seeing at least one Academy Award nominated movie, watching the Academy Awards, and eating at Serendipity.

That's so far.

I'm also having lunch with my very old friend Dede who I knew way back before I had my braces removed. That is going pretty far back. Although the weather is going to be frightful, I don't care - it's New York City, and that is good enough for me.

Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010: Start Spreading the News

First up: Happy Birthday to my lovely niece, Maggie, who is 10 today. TEN! That depresses me.

I got the following email from Sara today:

I have no idea what the weather will have in store for us. It’s not going to be warm, either way. It could be in the 40’s and sunny or it could be snowing. Best to check a couple days before your flight. Bring casual clothes, WALKING shoes (we will be on foot when we are not taking mass transit), maybe something nice to wear to dinner one or two nights, do you want to take yoga, spin (or other gym activities)? If so, you need workout clothes and sneakers.

As for food, wasn’t sure if you follow any celebrity chefs. When Sam visited, we went to a Top Chef restaurant she was dying to try. I’ll just use you as an excuse to try something new.

As for shows, totally up for Wicked but look at the link below to theater (pronounced “thea-tah”) reviews just to make sure. Think about whether you want to see a play or a musical? If you are up for a musical, my in-laws said that Fela is one of the best they have seen – ever. And they see a lot of shows. I think it’s produced by JZ and Will Smith.

If you are up for drama, I read that this new Arthur Miller play starring Scarlett Johansen and Liev Schrieber is really good. Forget what it’s called.

Suddenly I am realizing that in 12 days I will be in New York. I cannot wait to be on the East Coast again, because I love the East Coast, and let's face it, it's New York. What's not to love? Besides the dirt and grime and crazy people. But I love that, too. I really cannot wait to see Sara, who I haven't spent any significant time with since high school. That's 20 years.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17, 2010

I switched computers and now have a glamorous high speed thingie with a big 25" monitor. I don't know how I have managed the past two years to work on my little laptop. I'm now spoiled. Dave has computer envy.

The past few weeks have been a bit nutty as we have worked to finish up the remodel (we aren't even close yet) as well as colds and my new business on the cusp of launching. Cusp is a cool word. So anyway, blogging hasn't been at the forefront of my mind, but I'm still here and around and hopefully will be more organized sometime in 2015.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home Improvement

I am almost ready to post pictures of what my house looks like now. There is no more red - that's a huge thing. Considering 25% of my house was red for the past five years. I don't have decor up yet. Gotta get that done before I post pictures. And Dave is finishing up the chair rail today, but will still need to do all of the raised panel boxes. Gotta get that done. And then there is touch up and caulking and all that.

Yeah, I guess I am not that close to posting pictures.

However, you should know, that I am very excited to eventually post them.

March 18th is my deadline for a lot of things. Thanks, Jeanne! It's good to have a deadline because then I focus!

Friday, February 5, 2010 far...2010

I have a new lease on life because it is February and January was tough on too many people. February is looking to be better even though it is slightly snowing outside with no sun today. Yesterday there was sun and we were all cheerful about it.

Yesterday I also got a new computer for my new venture and it has a 25" monitor and that makes me happy, too. I can have like 7 different windows open and they all look normal. It's a beautiful thing. I also am getting closer to being done with painting the main floor, which has been a long project. I still have to finish the living room (the kitchen is finished), the moulding, our bedroom, Clara's bedroom, find window treatments, and....well, there is a lot left to do, but it seems like it is closer.

And I get to go to New York City a month from today for my birthday weekend to visit my friend Sara, who I haven't seen in 13 years.

This is gonna be a good month.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

December 31st: New Year's Eve and Bowling

New Year's Eve morning we all decided to go bowling. This is Bob. Bob is my friend and I have known him for at least 1000 years or so. I dated his brother (Jason) in high school and we have been friends ever since. He's like a big bossy brother. It's awesome. I didn't get a picture of Donna, but I will say that these guys are family to me.
We actually went bowling with Jason's kids and mom, but Jason had to work. They are pretty cool kids.
Josh apparently thought that bowling included laying on the floor and watching the ball go.
Clara "granny bowled" but loved it. Especially after we put the bumpers up.

After bowling, Dave and I ran downtown to America's Taco Shop (it was worth the drive) to get a gozillion carne asada burritos and tacos. Our little group inhaled them with a vengeance and then laid around in a coma all afternoon watching movies. We eventually got up and drove to Glendale for the launch of our Earl Family Reunion. It was the Earl Branch that got to plan it this year, and they did an exceptional job. We had a big New Year's Eve party at the church complete with munchies, a huge breakfast, playrooms with dressups, rockband, etc. It was a lot of fun!
Mandy and Darin's family. I love Mitch's expression!
We also had a talent show - Amabuela, Josh and Clara represented our family. Clara was wearing a fairy dress.
Uncle David and Carson performed a duet.
Jordan and Langley performed "Popular" from Wicked
Audrey and Bonnie played a duet on the piano. We are all awesome performers (said by someone who didn't perform and we are all glad of that).
At 11pm or so, we celebrated the new year with balloons flying everywhere, kazoos, and beads. It was very mardi gras.
I don't know where she found this outfit. When we arrived she was wearing her own clothes and I didn't see them on her again until we left.
Josh was in heaven with all of the balloons. He was trying to pop them. I was in heaven talking non-stop with all of my cousins.

December 30th: Carlos O'Brien's

I didn't take pictures of everyone - forgot! But we had a Carlos O'Briens dinner while I was home and I have to say that some of my best friends from high school were there. I loved having Misty and Regina to hug, as well as the Monicas, Jay, and Morgan. This time I brought Dave so that everyone could meet him.

KD (Misty's daughter), Misty, Regina, and me
Class of 90: Tara Ruiz, Morgan Brown, Monica Valdez, Me, and Monica Holguin (maiden names used!)
I love these girls. Seriously - how blessed can one person be to have such wonderful friends that are still around after 20 years?!

December 26-29th: Romilomingers

It's lovely when you and your bestie and your kids and your bestie's kids (besty's?) are besties. It's lovely when you get to go and visit and the kids play and the boys have deep philosophical discussions and the girls are princesses and the baby knows just how funny he is.
Spencer-Bean reading to the princesses
Seriously so cute. I love these kids more than I can possibly express!
Bestie and I got them all matching pajamas a few months ago...just for this moment. And because we are nerds like that.
This is what outside looks like in Phoenix in December.
What a diva!
Ty-Ty is such a funny kid and he knows it.
Barefoot and in a t-shirt. Clearly she is used to much colder weather.
Cutest kids ever. I love all of their feet.
The crazy boys
Future roommates at BYU? I think so.