Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010: Start Spreading the News

First up: Happy Birthday to my lovely niece, Maggie, who is 10 today. TEN! That depresses me.

I got the following email from Sara today:

I have no idea what the weather will have in store for us. It’s not going to be warm, either way. It could be in the 40’s and sunny or it could be snowing. Best to check a couple days before your flight. Bring casual clothes, WALKING shoes (we will be on foot when we are not taking mass transit), maybe something nice to wear to dinner one or two nights, do you want to take yoga, spin (or other gym activities)? If so, you need workout clothes and sneakers.

As for food, wasn’t sure if you follow any celebrity chefs. When Sam visited, we went to a Top Chef restaurant she was dying to try. I’ll just use you as an excuse to try something new.

As for shows, totally up for Wicked but look at the link below to theater (pronounced “thea-tah”) reviews just to make sure. Think about whether you want to see a play or a musical? If you are up for a musical, my in-laws said that Fela is one of the best they have seen – ever. And they see a lot of shows. I think it’s produced by JZ and Will Smith.

If you are up for drama, I read that this new Arthur Miller play starring Scarlett Johansen and Liev Schrieber is really good. Forget what it’s called.

Suddenly I am realizing that in 12 days I will be in New York. I cannot wait to be on the East Coast again, because I love the East Coast, and let's face it, it's New York. What's not to love? Besides the dirt and grime and crazy people. But I love that, too. I really cannot wait to see Sara, who I haven't spent any significant time with since high school. That's 20 years.

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