Friday, February 5, 2010 far...2010

I have a new lease on life because it is February and January was tough on too many people. February is looking to be better even though it is slightly snowing outside with no sun today. Yesterday there was sun and we were all cheerful about it.

Yesterday I also got a new computer for my new venture and it has a 25" monitor and that makes me happy, too. I can have like 7 different windows open and they all look normal. It's a beautiful thing. I also am getting closer to being done with painting the main floor, which has been a long project. I still have to finish the living room (the kitchen is finished), the moulding, our bedroom, Clara's bedroom, find window treatments, and....well, there is a lot left to do, but it seems like it is closer.

And I get to go to New York City a month from today for my birthday weekend to visit my friend Sara, who I haven't seen in 13 years.

This is gonna be a good month.

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