Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 12, 2010: The Ball

In order to "throw her off", I told Clara that she needed to get dressed up in a princess dress so we could go to the ball. She asked if Josh was going to be her prince, but I said no. She picked her hot pink non-descript (read: No particular characters) dress and I put her raincoat on although there was no hint of rain (read: couldn't find coat). She was so cute and sweet and kept talking about the ball and who would be there. I told her the ball was on ice.

Clara in front of the Energy Solutions Arena

After she picked out an Ariel doll from the ridiculously overpriced toy area, we found our seats and settled in for the show. I got us a pretzel and drinks and she spent some time talking to the lady sitting next to us, then informed me that she was no longer scared of the lady sitting next to us. I just kept kissing her because she is so dang cute.
Ariel was definitely the highlight of the event. Even though she could have had one of those whirly things that light up (and I hate them), she chose a toy that could go swimming with her. Smart girl. Thank you, Ama Ancy, for the money that bought it!
Disney on Ice was wonderful and beautiful and I liked it as much as Clara did. They had Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Cars Characters, Lion King Characters, Little Mermaid Characters, and Tinker Bell Characters. It was the perfect length. Clara tried and hated cotton candy. I love that she hated cotton candy.
It was still light when we got out because we went to the 4pm show, so we took pictures by the fountain at The Gateway and then headed home. She was so tired, having skipped her nap, but it was the perfect Mommy/Clara date. This was my birthday present to us and I would love to make it an annual tradition.

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