Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break 2010: Bunkerville, NV

Several generations ago Brigham Young said to Edward Bunker, "Go build a town with these other five families in Nevada." So Edward Bunker said, "That sounds like fun!" He hadn't seen Nevada yet, is my guess, but he bravely forged ahead. Upon arrival, he flipped a coin with a guy named Leavitt and won so the town was named Bunkerville. I don't know if that is true, but, I heard that somewhere.

Bunkerville is tucked behind Mequite, Nevada, which is marked by a giant casino/hotel, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It's one of those places that always makes me say, "What do people DO here?"

We headed for the cemetery, where we have a plethora of relatives hanging out. It's actually a cool place, where cool pictures can be taken. My mom told us stories (that she needs to write down) and Josh was very interested. Clara liked running and jumping on headstones. Hopefully no one there minds all that much.

Without further ado - meet the family.
My Great-Great Grandmother - Mary McQuarrie - born in Scotland, died in Bunkerville. 3rd wife of Edward Bunker.
My Great-Great Grandfather - Edward Bunker, Sr. - Born in Maine, died in Mexico. Was a member of the Mormon Batallion. Led a handcart company that arrived just ahead of the Willie and Martin Handcart companies. Helped found the Mormon Colonies in Mexico. Died there, but there is a monument for him in Bunkerville. Temple ordinances were done in the original Nauvoo Temple.
My Great-Great Grandmother - Lois Caroline Owen Earl - wife of Sylvester Henry Earl - Temple Ordinances completed in the original Nauvoo Temple. Sylvester was in the first company of pioneers that arrived in Utah with Brigham Young in 1847.
My Great-Grandfather - Joseph Ira Earl - 19 children (my grandfather was the youngest) - the back of his headstone is below.

My Great-Grandmother - Agnes "Viola" Bunker - she went by Viola. She was the second wife of Joseph Ira Earl, and had 10 children, but also raised the other 9 after Calista's death. Calista was her half sister. Daughters of Edward Bunker, Sr. Back of Viola's headstone below. Donal is my grandfather - Joseph Donal Earl. He is buried in Lakeside, Arizona with my grandmother, Jeanne Larsen Earl.

My mom with her grandparents and great-grandparents.
Five generations - with a skip in the middle since my grandparents aren't buried in Bunkerville.
Monument at the Church of the original settlers of Bunkerville, Nevada.

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The LaLa said...

I'm still here, Heidi. Thanks for the walk down our family history lane once more. I'm so glad these dear people mean something to you. They'd be mighty proud of you. Aunt Donna (new Google identity)