Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break 2010: Disneyland Day One

But first, we drove a lot. Don't ever drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles (why are those spelled differently?) on a Sunday afternoon. Apparently that is when everyone is driving from LV to LA. It's ugly. And not just the traffic, but the terrain. Ugly.

We arrived in Arcadia in time for carne asada ala Aunt Polly. It was our text request along the way when she said, "What do you want for dinner?" We ate outside, which you can do in California year round, unlike Utah where you can eat outside for 20 minutes in mid-June before it gets too hot. My backyard gets too hot, anyway. After dinner we sat and talked and vegged and put the kids to bed.

Monday morning we woke up bright and early at 6am because Josh had lost his first tooth! After lots of celebrating and excitement, we got ready and headed to Disneyland. The first ride was supposed to be Small World, but it was down all day so we went to ToonTown (which is just a waste of space in my opinion) for a little while hoping the Small World glitch was temporary. Since it wasn't, we roamed around the rest of the park, going on rides and eating stuff. It was really busy that day and pretty hot, but our kids were amazingly well behaved. We did lose Clara for about four minutes, causing a massive anxiety attack for me, Dave, my mom, and Josh. She wandered off when we were about to have dinner. Fortunately, my mom spotted her about the time I started to hyperventilate. Needless to say, the kids didn't wander much after that experience. Clara was crying and said, "I couldn't find you!"

See pictures below.

Josh and the lost tooth.
Ama, Clara and Josh in front of Small World.
Josh in front of the whale at Storybook Land.
Dave and Clara on the boat for Storybook Land.
Josh on the carousel.
Clara on the carousel.
Clara, Ama, and Josh on the carousel.
Clara, Me, and Josh on the carousel.
Josh and Clara at Inovations. When you touch the screen it looks like water is rippling in a pond. Very cool!
Ama, Josh and Clara playing games at Inovations.
Clara and Buzz Lightyear
Josh and Me on the Dumbo ride.
Clara asleep in the stroller.
Josh and Ama snuggling. We were waiting for the parade, but it never appeared. They have, apparently, moved the electric light parade to California Adventure permanently.
Dave was a tired boy.
Happy parents after a happy day at Disneyland!


Lisa said...

Las Vegas: Vega means fertile valley. It's feminine, as you can tell by the A at the end. Vegas is the plural. "The fertile valleys."

Los Angeles: Angel means angel. Here, it's plural. Masculine, as evidenced by the consonant at the end.

P.S. Words that end in A are USUALLY, but not always, feminine. Words that end in O or a consonant are USUALLY masculine. But there are always exceptions. "Las manos" = the hands, for example.

Lisa said...

Las Vegas: Vega is a fertile valley. Here it's plural. Vegas is feminine, thus Las.

Los Angeles: Angel is angel. Plural again. It's masculine, thus Los.

Note: Words that end in A are USUALLY feminine. Words that end in O or consonants are USUALLY masculine. But there are always exceptions. "Las manos" = the hands, for example.

Lisa said...

Re: lost kids. I lost Martin for 10 minutes at the Air & Space Museum. We were with my cousins and their 3 kids and he'd been doing a pretty good job of staying with the group, but he got distracted and wandered off and none of the 3 adults noticed until he was out of sight. Ugh, terrifying. I was 30 seconds away from alerting Security when my cousin Ken spotted him.

You know those "monkey backpack leash" things? I used to think those were embarrassing. Now, I'd totally use one. Use it until the kid was ready for college.