Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break 2010: Disneyland Day Two

The day was much cooler so we bought the kids jackets upon arrival at Downtown Disney. Our plan was to head to California Adventure and hit a few rides before going back to Disneyland. But, we needed a muffin first. We got that out of the way and then headed to Soarin' Over California, which is one of the coolest rides ever. Fortunately, Clara is now tall enough to ride it. We didn't have to mess with the whole stroller swap. Amabuela was a little terrified of the whole perceived heights thing, but she secretly loved it.

We then headed over to Monsters, Inc., before we parted ways so that Dave and I could go on Tower of Terror. Amabuela took the kids to a Playhouse Disney show and then we met to eat lunch. Dave went over to California Screamin' (big scary roller coaster) and then we headed back to Disneyland to go on the Submarine ride.

After that, we watched the Jedi Training. Josh was mesmerized, while Clara dozed in the stroller. We had plans to meet Tara Van Atta for dinner so we caught the Monorail over to Downtown Disney. Our restaurant of choice was Tortilla Jo's, which proved to be a GREAT choice. Clara actually just fell asleep and stayed that way through most of dinner, but woke up when an animal balloon making guy showed up. Josh got a fire breathing dragon balloon and Clara got a Sleeping Beauty balloon. It was a lot of fun to see Tara. We love that our friends from Virginia show up in the same places that we do. Tara moved to Southern California a couple of years ago.

After dinner we went back over to California Adventure to watch the electrical parade. It has been moved there from Disneyland. It is my favorite parade of all time and the floats just get better and better. My kids were nuts over the lights!

Clara lookin' sassy
Josh at Monster's, Inc.
Dave and Clara waiting for Monsters, Inc.
Dave and Heidi on Tower of Terror
My favorite Disney character!
Josh watching Jedi Training
Josh and Clara waiting for the Monorail
Josh and the fire breathing dragon
Clara's Sleeping Beauty Balloon
A group shot with our friend Tara

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