Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14, 2010 - Brian Somers Gets Married

After YEARS of waiting, our friend Brian Somers got married! We met his wife at the reception and she is lovely and gracious and we are excited to get to know her better.

Weddings are fun because you get to see old friends. Rob Curle, Cheryl Smith, Brian Somers, and I, spent a great deal of time together back in the late 90s as we navigated our way through our 20s in Northern Virginia. Cheryl and I were roommates and Rob and Brian were on the Institute Council with me. We spent hours and hours and hours at the Big House watching movies, discussing politics, and generally analyzing the world. Now we are older and realize we know nothing, but are much better at faking it.
Rob, Heidi, Cheryl, and Brian
Brian and Jennifer Somers

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