Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16, 2009 - Still Catching Up

I'm still stuck in January in my head. Interestingly the weather seems to be joining me. The past few months have been a blur. I don't remember April other than it involved a lot of driving. It seems impossible that we are halfway through May.

My cousins from Hawaii have been staying with us since March, because Jeanne was pregnant with her 5th baby, she has c-sections, and the medical care on the Big Island is a bit of a nightmare. She had decided to come home to have the baby and stay with her parents, but, due to some health issues that wasn't possible. So we made the decision that out of all of the other houses, we were most equipped to have her family stay with us. It has been a lot of fun, and also a lot of chaos as we have navigated taking care of so many kids. The baby was born two weeks early because Jeanne was measuring six weeks ahead, which made us adjust our schedule a bit. Shortly after the baby was born, he was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, an infection in his lungs, a heart murmur, and a few other problems. Jeanne's husband was able to fly out last minute for the weekend when the birth date was switched, but, he had to fly back to Hawaii. The baby had to stay in the NICU for a week, and so Dave and I had Jeanne's boys during that time. Her oldest son is homeschooled so we worked to keep him on track, keep our kids on their schedule, and also drive back and forth to the hospital in Orem.

There have been amazing blessings that have come from this. Jeanne and I have grown even closer than we were (which is hard to believe), and I have developed a love for her children through spending this daily time for them that is far more motherly than I usually develop towards other children.

It has also been difficult and emotional and I have been sick on and off through the experience so my reaction to things has been heightened. A lot of other things have been pushed aside that are important to me, and I have dropped the ball in other areas because I have been trying to do the right thing and be there for Jeanne and her family. I also have had some serious edema issues in my leg and have been going to a lymph therapist to help. It's just been a roller coaster of emotions. I'm hoping that the second half of 2010 isn't quite so crazy.


Bon said...

you're such a great example of family heidi. you'll be blessed! love you. and send jeanne our love!

On The Go Family said...

WOw -- it sounds like it's been crazy. I hope the new baby's health improves and you can all get the rest you need.

Hang in there!

Amy said...

Wow, I didn't know that she was actually living with you! You are awesome. I can barely handle having house guests for the weekend, let alone having to keep up with school and meals and everything else. You are amazing! Take care of YOURself! We need you! :)

The LaLa said...

Bless you and Dave, Heidi. You've done a really good thing, on many levels. I'm sorry your health has been wonky too. Give Jeanne my love on her birthday!