Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 25, 2010 - Close to the End of School

Summer is upon us, even though the weather indicates that it is early Spring. We've had the dance recital, school projects are being sent home, kids are getting antsy, I'M getting antsy.

Summer for me always meant Utah - so it's good that now I live here. Summer in my neighborhood means night after night after night of standing in the street talking to neighbors while bikes swarm around us. Endless otter pops and kids in swimsuits all day long. Creative ways to BBQ. Open windows and sunshine.

Summer means farmers' markets and splash parks and picnics. Fireworks and ice cream in the driveway. Staying up late watching movies and even a few trips to the drive-in.

This summer I have an almost-seven-year-old-who-reminds-me-daily-when-his-birthday-is and a four year old who is fearless. Kids who know to look both ways before crossing the street (even though sometimes they don't). They are even starting to sleep in past 5:00am.

I'm looking forward to Summer.

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