Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 11-13, 2010: Grand Junction, CO

Our dear friends invited us for a weekend getaway to Grand Junction. They actually live near Aspen, but have a house in Grand Junction that serves as a perfect "mid-way" point for us to congregate for the weekend. It's about a five hour drive for us, so not terrible.

We took off Friday at around 1pm and arrived at 6pm just in time to all go out for some very yummy Mexican food. That restaurant is going to be a permanent fixture in our GJ weekends from now on. After dinner we came home and the kids ran around while we got their pop up tent trailer set up. Dave and the kids camped out in there, while Ginny and I had our own rooms in the house. Very decadent.

Our plan for Saturday was to sit in the yard all day long while the kids ran around in their swimsuits. Waking up to a constant drizzle changed those plans quickly. Instead, we headed to a movie for the afternoon. When we got out, there was a lull in the storms so the kids quickly got their swimming suits on. Ginny and I put Dave in charge and headed out the door to go shopping. I found some great, comfortable summer clothes at Kohl's. Not remotely stylish. I was just going for comfort for places like the splash park.

When we got back from shopping, Dave was prepping our grilled chicken. Bill was almost to GJ from Aspen and once he arrived we ate a fabulous dinner of grilled chicken, ramen noodle salad, green salad, corn, chips and salsa, and for dessert we lit a fire in the outdoor pit and roasted marshmallows. It was the perfect evening for a fire because it was rather cold.

Sunday morning we woke up and ate breakfast and then got ready to leave. After talking for a while, we finally headed out. It was a short vacation, but a nice break. Now we will tackle getting the house ready for our next house guest, who arrives on Friday.

Ginny and William (born the same day as Josh)
Bill snuggling with Clara - she fell asleep in his lap
William and Josh being silly
Josh on the slip and slide in about 55 degree weather
Clara freezing, but having fun anyway

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Kristen said...

Perfect weekend to relax - you deserved it!