Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010: Garden Week Two

It's Week Two out here on the farm and things are growing in abundance. Sort of. At least the lettuce below is! I would say it is about time to harvest some of those so that we can get our greens. The romaine is growing in the back as well as the boxwood basil. I haven't used any of that yet, but, the summer is still young.

I've been harvesting 6-7 strawberries daily and they are yummy!
The other day at lunch I had a big bunch of sauteed kale in coconut oil with lemon juice and kosher salt. Seriously - very good!
My left square foot garden is getting bigger. Even with our rainy and cool weather over the weekend. With our warm weather this week, hopefully I will have a lot to show next.
This is my right square foot garden. My zukes and squashes are doing well.
My tomato plant seems a bit bigger than last week, but these are early girls and I have no blossoms yet! I am hoping that they will show up soon.