Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2, 2010 - Tomatoes are In

I'm crossing my fingers and saying a few Hail Marys because I have put my tomatoes in my square foot garden. I even put in the Early Girls, which are supposed to have fruit in 50 days. That is only if it is warm enough. If it's not warm enough and we have another freak snow, then I won't get tomatoes or zucchini and my summer o' gardening will be an unqualified disaster. If you can't grow zucchini in Utah, then you may as well give up and move to Alaska. No, Kelly - we aren't moving to Alaska.

This morning is a bright and lovely day. It's the last week of school so there is some wacky scheduling going on. I will be glad when we can keep our kids out riding bikes until 10pm and they will sleep until 8am (yeah, right) and then after we wake up and spend enough time in our pajamas, we will go to Kacy's. She doesn't know that I am planning this. It's going to be a surprise. Shhhhhh. She'll love it as long as I bring diet coke. The thing is, that for me, summer without Kacy is without diet coke. I associate summer with her, and I bought badminton rackets so that we can see how well we do 20 years later.

But, back to tomatoes. I am growing big tomatoes and little tomatoes and basil and squash and zucchini and onions and cilantro and kale and strawberries and lettuce and radishes (for Dave) and green beans. And bell peppers. I try every year unsuccessfully to grow bell peppers, but fortunately that isn't a black mark on my homemaker status.


Lisa said...

Our farmshare keeps giving us bunches of radishes. What do you DO with radishes? Or, more specifically, what does Dave do with radishes? I need to know.

Dave said...

you eat them. I love radishes Raw :) They are fabulous! You could cut them up and throw them into a salad though too.

Lisa said...

[Shakes head in confusion] I don't get it.