Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010: A Story About Cake Icing

On Friday our friend Ben arrived for a series of weddings that he will be attending over the next week. My only request of him was that he bring me back a piece of wedding cake from the reception. And in response he told me the following story.

Grandma made all of the wedding cakes in their family for 100 years (or something like that) and always used the same recipe. That recipe was handed down to Ben's aunt, who has made the cakes since then and always made the same recipe. A couple of years ago, it started tasting differently.

"What have you done? Why is it different?" The whole family wanted to know.

"Nothing!" The Aunt said.

And then, it was discovered, that crisco stopped putting in trans fats. THAT made the icing taste different. What to do?!

Order crisco from China.

Ahhhh, peace and the right flavor restored to the family.

I tasted a piece of it last week, and Ben was right. It's the best darn wedding cake icing I have ever had. Ben will get the recipe when he gets married. Hurry up, Ben! And then share!

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