Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22, 2010: Sweets and a Birthday Bash

As part of our Summer Tuesday Tour 2010 (now THAT is alliteration) we decided to go to Sweet Candy Company in Salt Lake. We arrived at 10:30am and had a 40 minute tour where we saw all of the kitchens and rooms where they make candy such as cinnamon bears, gummy worms, and most importantly, taffy. The kids loved it, and they got to sample some candy along the way. We hit the Sweet Shop in the lobby and then headed immediately down to Orem for an afternoon birthday bash for Belle (I tell ya - I'm on a roll).

Pool Party
My Sweet Niece - I am going to have a whole series of pictures of her. I can't stand how cute she is!
On the menu: pizza, cake, otter pops, fruit snacks, ring pops, and sugary drinks. Perfect!
The Birthday Girl
Josh put together a box of pictures, rocks, money, and gummy treats that looked like rocks. It was a weird present, but he insisted.
The cake had an ice cream layer....mmmmm
The triple threat - cute girls!

Megs looked so cute and sparkly that I couldn't resist taking pictures.

We have now hit that phase in the age of Josh (6 almost 7) where the girls his age are mean to him. They don't WANT boys around and boy is he hearing about it. Every time he hangs out with girls lately he ends up sad. I know that it is a right of passage, and that someday that will change, but it sure is hard to see. He also thinks that girls are just a big bunch of bossy right now and is "sick and tired of it".

Ahhhh - to be young again.

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Kristen said...

Tell Josh to stick with Graham and Greg...my boys have gotten plenty of that too. Oh the stories I could tell you..