Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9, 2010: G-A-Z-E-B-O and Week One

Welcome to Week One of my Summer Garden Series. Last Summer was a bust in the veggie arena due to cold and rainy weather in June. This year is gonna be a good one. I can feel it! So come along with me on my journey to have a Bountiful Harvest.

This is my raised garden that sits on my deck. Four squares currently growing red lettuce, onions, romaine, and boxwood basil. Boxwood basil? What is that? A basil plant that looks like a mini-boxwood and has small leaves - perfect to throw in eggs, on bruschetta, in pasta - you get the picture!
Last night we had the Webelos put up the gazebo that Dave's parents gave us about three years ago. It has been sitting in our shed, and we have been whining about the direct sun on the deck for years. Voila! The perfect solution! We already love it. In the small pots - Mexican Heather.
This is my second season of strawberries and they have come back with a vengeance thanks to the warm humid effect that the greenhouse creates. I have been eating 6-7 strawberries a day from my little patch, and that is perfect for throwing in a smoothie.
This is the other side of the greenhouse. I have already harvested the buttercrunch lettuce in front, and it is growing back. In the middle front is cilantro, and spinach is slowly growing on the right. Middle row = basil, a bell pepper from seed, and kale. In the back is romaine and a bell pepper.
I have added a few things to my raised beds. Mostly ground cover stuff in the front, but also the Japanese evergreen that will grow nice and tall and columnar in the back. I put snow in summer in front of the bed as well. I am just adding things here and there to see what they will do. If they stick and come back looking like the columbine to the right, they are allowed to stay.
I found this really cute table cover at Walmart today. It's both "Summer-y" and 4th of July-ish so I was pretty happy. This is where we will spend most of our time after the sun starts to set - rocking in the chairs and enjoying the summer breezes.
This is my official square foot garden #1. There are two. I have a lot of different things growing in here, including zucchini and yellow squash, basil, kale, lettuce, onions, green beans, and tomatoes.
This is the second square foot garden, with many of the same things as the other one. I am growing three tomato plants this year - two big ones and one cherry for my salads.
In my half barrel I am growing an Early Girl tomato plant. It is supposed to give me happy tomatoes in 50 days. I am counting down!
And, sticking to tradition, we have that one weird spot in the yard. A couple of years ago we put up a big above ground pool. It was great, but a little overwhelming, and with a four year old we aren't taking chances. She is an escape artist. Our current plan is to put up the pavers around the square, put down weed barrier and either gravel or bark, and buy a trampoline.


Emily said...

I loved this post. It was fun to see what you planted and how it is doing. I didn't have much luck with my garden last year and unfortunately, i've been lazy and haven't planted much this year. Can't wait to see how your garden does throughout the summer.

The LaLa said...

Lovely gardens(s). Can't wait to see them in July. I see you settled on a name, still with a watery theme. Hope your live gets sunnier! (and that you can sit in the shade)

Heidi said...

holy cow...looks great! When I grow up I want to learn to garden just like you!

Amy said...

Thanks for showing me around! Early Girls are the best, and true to their name, they come early, and taste SO good. Enjoy them!