Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 9, 2010: Cabin Fever

Today we met Melissa at the park, but the wind was blowing hard and then it started raining so we gave up and came home. Still - I will always take 30 minutes of time spent with Melissa. She's amazing, beautiful, funny, etc. etc. I'll stop gushing now.

I picked up Dave from work and we headed up to the cabin for the evening. My aunt and uncle are here from California so we wanted to visit. We ate spaghetti, salad, texas toast, and brownies and can you believe I didn't take any pictures?! The cabin is beautiful this time of year - nice and cool and smells heavenly with all of the wildflowers. We will be going up again soon. Dave and the kids went on a little hike down the road to see the beaver dam and the kids discovered a dirt slide that they loved (and I didn't). Next time I will take pictures so that my posts aren't so boring.

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Melissa said...

That was a fun afternoon! We'll have to go again when it's not rainy and windy! And maybe we can stay for longer than 30 minutes!

Oh...I love you too, btw. :)