Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 15, 2010: The Big Clean Continued

There was nothing to write about this week because I simply continued cleaning from last weekend. My upstairs was all cleaned and organized, so on Saturday I hit the downstairs. Now it is clean and organized. I don't know what to do with myself. I might just start over. At least it gives us a clean house so we can finish all of our painting projects. Dave is going to continue working on the half wall this week (right, Dave?) and after I can a bunch of salsa next Saturday with Rachel, I am going to get back to painting. Even if I can just do a little bit at a time, it will still eventually get done.

Dave went on the Father/Son campout Friday night. He took Josh and his little friend, Ethan. They had a grand old time from what it sounds like. Dave was happy to have some time to hang out with the other guys in the ward because that doesn't happen often. Josh and Ethan ran around with the other kids. Clara went over to a friend's house on Friday night so I could go see a movie with Melissa. Then Clara and I snuggled and slept in my bed - half the night with her feet in my face. Good times.

This is going to be one of those busy weeks. I have made several lists of things to get done before Josh starts school next Monday. I'm a list maker. It keeps me organized. I might even buy a whole turkey and roast it and then have Dave cut off all of the meat so we can freeze it for Josh's lunches. How domestic would THAT be? Not to mention a huge timesaver for me over the coming months. We might crockpot a chicken and do the same thing. And maybe even a ham. Have I mentioned I love my foodsaver? Anyway, that might get done or it might not. If it does get done, you can all be jealous of my organizational skills. If it doesn't get done, no one should really be all that surprised.

Plus, on Thursday, Kacy invited me to go to BYU Education Week with her. I can't pass up an opportunity like that because, well, it's KACY. So my meat making fest might be put on the back burner for that. Like I said, you shouldn't be surprised.


Kristen said...

I've done that with the chicken several times and it saves me SO much time with dinners! I have a turkey in my freezer who keeps giving me the evil eye - maybe I'll thaw him out and cook him up! We can be SUPER domestic!

Karey said...

Sometimes you've got to put projects on the back burner so you can enjoy the moment. I'm sure that Education Week with Kacy is the best option.

You can always get back to the meat fest next week!