Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010: My New Cleaning Schedule

Is that how boring life has become? I need to post a cleaning schedule on my blog? Oh well.

Now that the casa is organized, I obviously want to keep it clean. For me that requires focus and targeted effort. For Dave that requires a list. I made the decision that I wanted the main floor to be cleanest closest to the weekend. I also made the decision that we will not be doing house cleaning on Saturdays. That leaves five days. Break it down:

Monday Basement - Guest Bedroom and Josh's Bedroom: Vacuum, dust, wash linens if necessary. (Josh's room will obviously always take longer than the guest bedroom unless someone has been staying with us which is why I paired them together) Wash Josh's clothes.

Tuesday Basement - Big room and Bathroom: Vacuum, mop, Dust, Wipe down everything, wash towels, wash Dave and Heidi's Dark Clothes

Wednesday Main Floor - Clara's Bedroom and Hall Bath: Vacuum, mop, Wipe down molding once a month, Wipe down bathroom, wash towels, wash Clara's clothes

Thursday Main Floor - Master Bedroom and Bathroom and Office: Vacuum, Dust, Wipe down everything, mop, Wash Dave and Heidi's whites

Friday Main Floor - Family Room, Living Room and Kitchen: Vacuum, Dust, Wipe down Counters, Mop, Wipe down Fridge and other appliances once a month

So there you go - the most visible part of the house is saved for last. Each of these days will take me max about half an hour. If I can figure out how to get up 15 minutes earlier, I might even be able to get it done before I take the kids to school and how cool would THAT be? I am also allowing myself to get started on whatever laundry I need to do the night before so that one load is already done at least.

Let's see how long I can stick with it. Dave's responsibility is to unload the dishwasher, mop the floors, and FINISH THE MOLDING. That is all.


Casey Davison said...

HAHA....Love it.

But see, I can't break things up like that. If I'm gonna clean and do laundry, I have to do it at the same time. I can't spend all week doing one load of laundry a day. I'd rather start it on Friday night...finish on Saturday morning.....Then fold it all and put it all away at the same time. Breaking it up makes me feel like it's never ending, even more so than it already does! But I have tried to start just picking up and removing clutter in the evenings....and I've resorted to the fact that the playroom will not be clean. Just close the door!!!!

Ginny said...

I'm with Casey. You will be pulling out the vacuum every day. Now that's just not right in MY world.