Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 8, 2010: Now Where Was I?

After blogging consistently over the summer, I took a couple of weeks off to go on vacation. It was more like a staycation since we never actually left Utah, but, it was still fun and we were in new and exciting places parents' house, and Midway.

First things first, we had a visit from Bon Bon and the Chicklets. We didn't take any interesting pictures (or at least I didn't) other than the evening we spent at cousin Erin's house hanging out. The kids decided to put on a show for us, which largely consisted of Christmas music (in July) and some serious dancing. Josh was in charge of the karaoke machine. He took his job seriously.
Ava and Tucker getting ready for the show
Shy Clara and Uncle Eric
About 20 seconds later
Grace and Megan dancing while Josh looks on and Sarah plays the piano
Bon, Ama, and Tucker watching the show
Then came Maile's solo. Josh and Maile...let's just say the two of them together can equal trouble or the very best of friends. It's a watch and see situation. We're keeping an eye on them.
Uncle Terry and Ava
Miss Lucy finishes things up. I have to say I have a soft spot in my heart for this little girl. She is very quiet, but very loving and always comes and gives me hugs and a big smile.

After the show, we looked at pictures from Gordy and Erin's trip to Denmark and Norway. Now I want to go.


Lisa said...

Oooh, I want to go to Denmark too. My grandma was a Nielsen (although it got changed to Nelson at Ellis Island because nobody was literate). What did they think of their trip? I've heard it's fantastically expensive....

Lisa said...

Also, Eric's hair makes me think of the scene in Harry Potter where they're repotting the mandrakes.

The LaLa said...

Loved Lisa's comment about Eric's hair! Heidi, the photos were so cute. Thanks for not taking photos of Tucker when he tossed his brownies after dinner at Erin's house. Some things should not be memorialized. We had such a great time in Utah, all three locations. And we're glad you loved Midway as much as we did! Can't wait until next summer!