Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010: Clara's First Day

Clara is attending two different preschools this year, the same way Josh did his final year. There is no other reason for this besides my sanity and because she would be bored to tears being home with Josh gone all day. It's expensive, but was so worth it to me. She will go to the same school Josh went to on MWF, and then a friend of mine has a bilingual English/Spanish preschool that is arts and music focused where she will go TTh starting in September.

Today was her first day and she was very excited to go. I wasn't remotely worried about how she would respond. She just hopped out of the car and walked right in. We didn't even go to orientation so it's not like she knew the teacher. No surprises there - she is only shy when we want her to clean her room.
All ready to learn!
Of course, being Clara, she didn't sit down to play with the blocks. She grabbed a dinosaur on the way in from a bin and decided to play with that instead. She loves dinosaurs and animals of all kinds. It's funny how much more confidence I have in her going into this. She has been with Ms. Barbara the past two years and could probably go straight into Kindergarten at this point if they would let her. I'm not bragging that she is smart (which she is), but she has just been taught very well. She knows her ABCs, the sounds they make, how to write her name, how to count to 100, how to recognize her name, mom, dad, Josh, and a few other short words. She knows all of her colors. It is funny to think that THAT is what she will be learning this year, but, she will love the painting and singing and reading.

Dave has started doing Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons which will give her a good start for Kindergarten next year as well. Should be fun to watch what she does!

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The LaLa said...

Clara is a sweetheart. A smart, pretend-shy sweetheart. She will be a preschool star!