Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beginning of August: Mid the Way

We decided this year to spend our summer vacation in Midway because we love it and it's pretty and it didn't require a lot of driving. We drove up on a Friday and then turned around and drove back to Salt Lake for cousin Maile's baptism the next day. Isn't that handy? It was a beautiful baptism. Erin and Gordy spoke and then Gordy baptized her and confirmed her. I didn't plan for my kids to be in white specifically - it just happened.
Josh is the next Utah cousin to be baptized, but that won't be until next year.
We went back up to Midway and napped.
Then we went for a drive. This is one of the views.
This is another view.
And a third view. We want to live here someday.
Then we went to a park, where our kids didn't play on the playground. They just laid by us in the grass.
And sat on our shoulders.
And wandered around a bit.
And then laid back down in the grass.
Then we drove around some more and found our dream house.
With a guest house in the back. We knocked on the door and told them if they ever sell to call us first. Just kidding, but I should have. I might go back and do it.
That night there was a beautiful sky.
So I took a bunch of pictures from the balcony of our condo.
The sky kept changing as we were standing there.
Then it turned gray and we stood all amazed.
One day we went to Rachel's because she has a big huge playset now in her backyard.
It took them a week to build. I got to hear about it via blackberry text.
Rachel spent a whole day in the crow's nest.

One day Rachel came up and played with us. We went over to the Zermatt Resort to feed the goats.
Rachel had to text Mike to tell him about the goats. Apparently he loves goats.
The goats like to eat.
Because the merry-go-round was rented out for the day (no one was on it) they gave us free goat food.
The kids went swimming before we went to feed the goats.
Later we went back and they gave us a free ride on the merry-go-round.

We went to the Farmers Market in Park City. There is a ski lift that runs for free during the summer up to The Canyons ski resort. So we rode that up and back before going to the market. I bought a skirt at the market, but nothing else. We are on hcg and couldn't eat Navajo Tacos.

I really really wanted a Navajo Taco. Oh well. Next year.


Kristen said...

See one of my dream will laugh. You were actually just a house away from Dan's aunt's home when you were taking that picture, they have a fun white farmhouse there.

Heidi said...

Ha ha! Great minds think alike! I saw the little hobbit house, too. So cute...and weird. Whatever! I could not believe how beautiful that house was.

Amy said...

This looks so fun! Can I come next time?