Monday, September 20, 2010

September 19, 2010: Fire

Due to firearms training at Camp Williams (in unsafe conditions - high heat, dry area), a huge fire has broken out near my house. This was taken by my neighbor who lives across the street. It is now far worse, homes have been burned, we don't know what is going on because it is 1:40am and the news has stopped reporting. Most of our friends have left, but not all. We left around 9pm and headed down to my aunt and uncle's house. We don't know what we will return to...

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Lisa said...

Tom says, "Whoa!"

Lisa says, "That's not cool at all."

The "Herriman Fire" was front page on Google News this afternoon and I wondered how close that might be to you. Hope it doesn't get any closer. I'm sorry to hear about the people who have lost their homes. You just don't imagine that could ever REALLY happen to someone you actually know, you know? It just seems like the sort of thing that happens to strangers in the news.