Thursday, September 23, 2010

September 23, 2010: Family Pictures

Until last weekend, we had never had family pictures taken with my mom.  A couple of years ago on my birthday Clara and I did pictures with her, but we haven't done the whole Evie family picture.  We decided that enough was enough and enlisted the help of my fabulous neighbor and friend, Michelle.  She is a photographer and I would highly recommend her!  She is SO good with kids and can get them smiling and laughing.  We went up to our cabin to take the pictures, which was beautiful as well as having sentimental value!
 The Family
 Dave, Heidi, Josh and Clara
 Dave, Heidi, Josh and Clara
Amabuela, Clara and Heidi
Amabuela, Josh and Heidi
 Evie and Heidi
Dave and the kids
Amabuela and Clara
Amabuela and the kids
Heidi and Josh
Heidi and Evie
Josh and Clara
Dave and Heidi
This is what Josh normally looks like.


Audrey said...

This is the 3rd time I've looked at your family pictures. They are just beautiful! Love ya!

Kacy said...

Your hair looks great.

The LaLa said...

I just love everything about the photos -- the autumn setting, your clothing...oh, and of course the people in the photos. Just gorgeous.

On The Go Family said...

These are really wonderful pictures. I love how the outfits all coordinate but aren't overly matchy-matchy. We're planning a big family pic around Thanksgiving and I'm struggling to do the same with our big group of 21. Bravo! You will love those pictures for the rest of your life!

Jen said...

Awesome pictures. You look fantastic Heidi!