Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6, 2010: Rubby and Friends

There are three fish floating around in there.

Josh has decided to name one of his fish "Rubby". No idea where he got this name. Today we went to Petco and picked out gravel and plants and shells for the aquarium that he got for his birthday. He wanted rainbow neon gravel so we discussed color scheme and the fact that I hated that idea. We settled for blue. Our aquarium hangs on the wall away from hands that like to feed and squish things. A chair is needed to get really close to them. I think they probably like it that way.


Phantom Voice in my head: "Hi, Heidi. How do you feel about owning your first pet?"

Me: "Well, it's not really mine and I don't want to take responsibility for it because I can't believe that they LET people have pets. What if they die? I can't take the pressure. If I am this neurotic about fish, we should never have a dog."

Phantom Voice in my head: "Good to know. Why don't you go lie down and have a nice piece of chocolate?"

Me: "That would be lovely."

Josh is thrilled, Clara is thrilled. I feel like I just gave birth to preemie triplets. We'll see how this goes.

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Lisa said...

That is a very cool tank.

One way to think of it: Remember how long it was, waiting for Christmas to come? Every day in the life of a kid is like at least a week in the life of an adult. So, if these fish survive a month, in Josh and Clara's mind, that will be like ... wait, now this is starting to involve math ... but you get the point.