Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Break - October 2010

For Fall Break we headed to Arizona to visit family and friends.  We left at noon on Tuesday and drove straight through, arriving at around midnight.  Long drive, but worth it to go all in one day.  We stayed with our friends, Bob and Donna, who were heading to California for the weekend.  We got to play for a little while on Wednesday, and had America's Taco Shop for dinner, which is awesome.  

Thursday we headed out to my aunt and uncle's house to play for a while, and then Thursday night I went down to the 'hood to have dinner with my friend Monica.  She made me tacos that were divine.  We talked for a looooong time and I met her little girls who are sassy and sweet - just like Monica! 

Friday was reserved for my bestie and my kids' besties.  We made the long drive out to the edge of the world to visit them.  Fortunately, my bestie was able to take the day off so we had lunch, let the kids swim, and talked and talked.  I am crazy in love with her kids.  My kids are crazy in love with them, too.  As long as Clara marries one of her boys, and Josh marries her girl, we will be good.

Saturday we headed back over to my aunt and uncle's house to let all of the cousins play.  We had a BBQ for lunch and sat around and talked and ate too many cookies.  In the afternoon we went home and I took a little nap to get ready for my reunion dinner that night.  Pictures from that coming eventually.  I didn't take any, but will get them from my friend who is a camera fiend.

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The LaLa said...

Cutie-pie photos of our family get-together. Glad you came to jump-start us into having one! Love you!