Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 19, 2010: Christmas Eve with Cousins

 The Sunday before Christmas we usually get together with cousins for a Christmas Eve-like celebration.  We had honey baked ham, rolls, salad, fruit, and pies for dessert. 
 Then we gathered for singing.  A few years ago I made several books of music for my aunt and uncle for Christmas so that they would have them for occasions such as this.
 The books have both spiritual and secular music in them.
 My cute uncle
 Clara was an angel for the nativity and Lucy was Mary
 Ava was the baby Jesus
 Joseph and the Angel
 Josh played Joseph since he was the only boy
 Mary wasn't too excited to have the lace on her head.
 We agreed that Ava seemed to be just fine wrapped in a pillowcase and that maybe it was a good idea for the future.
 At one point, Uncle Gordy put Joseph into a straight jacket mode.  That was fun.
 We aren't totally sure what Uncle Mike is doing.
 Uncle Eric was Nephi...or a Sith depending on how you look at it.
 It's a good thing that there were plenty of bathrobes around.  Uncle Gordy played the donkey - an appropriate role for him.
 After the nativity and reading of Luke 2, Aunt Karen told some stories. 
 Josh was totally absorbed in what she was saying.
 Then we took a picture on the stairs with all of the kids.  Charlie wasn't happy.
 Erin learned how to take peppermint sticks and stab them into oranges and then drink the juice.  It's actually fun and really good and the kids loved it.
 I know I am biased, but this little girl is ridiculously cute.

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