Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011 So Far

2011 has been rather busy so far.  So busy that I forgot to finish blogging the rest of 2010.  I'll make a mental note to get back to that.  In January Josh fell asleep while reading and Clara lost her fashion sense.
In February I went with my cousins to Las Vegas and we ate a lot of chips and Italian food and saw Ka and Phantom.  Baby Ellen got her acceptance letter to college and we all celebrated and cried that she is so old now.

 There was a chocolate fountain that dripped from the ceiling.  That is pure genius.
 And some really cool cakes.
 And a really cool waterfall.
 And statues.
 And then some of my Webelos got a bunch of awards and abandoned me to BOY Scouts.
If it was even possible, my kids got cuter and started liking each other on and off for a few minutes on Thursdays.
Then my baby turned 5 and I turned 39 (gasp).  Clara got a horse and a pteranodon which is every five year old girl's dream...apparently.
She also got a sign that says, "Princess of Quite alot" from Amabuela.  The fact that "alot" is totally and utterly wrong and people who make signs like this should have to have a proofreader just adds to the perverse humor that my family enjoys.

To support my claim of "Meanest Mom in the Whole World", my mom bought me this sign for my office.  Josh read it and laughed.  Apparently it didn't instill the fear in him that we were hoping for. 

So that is life in a nutshell.  There are other things like Dave getting a new job, a pending trip back to God's Country for a visit, we still haven't finished painting the stairwell in one spot because I'm lazy and it requires a ladder, and a visit last week with my Bestie that was awesome.