Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School - August 29, 2011

 Once upon a time, they were little pipsqueaks - ages 18 months and almost two.  They lived across the street from each other and played most days until they were close to three years old. 
 They got bigger, loved Baby Einstein, sucked their thumbs, and hit each other a lot.
 The roped in the neighbor girls to play.
 They discovered candy.
 They got bigger.  They were separated as Spencer's mean parents moved to Arizona.
 They got cooler.  Started traveling together.  Went to Disneyland.
 One of them added a little brother to pick on.
 They got smart looked like it was a possibility for them to be neighbors again.  Their nice parents moved back to Utah.
 Spencer - First Day of School - 3rd Grade
 Joshua - First Day of School - 2nd Grade
 Two crazy, funny, silly, smart, fantastic boys
And the neighbor girls...all grown up.  
*Except that Kate and Gabi are still way shorter even though Gabi is 3 years older than Spencer and kate is 3 months older than Josh. 

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