Sunday, August 28, 2011

Starting Over - School 2011

And....done.  Summer went by that fast.  I can't even begin to go back and document this year so I am just going to have to start from scratch and try to keep up again.  Tomorrow is the first day of school.  Josh is going into 2nd grade.  Clara starts Kindergarten in a week after testing.  

So that I don't forget too much about this year...

January - Ginny and William came to visit.   Played in the snow, went to Thanksgiving Point Dino Museum.  My cute Webelos got their Arrow of Light badges.  

February - Went with cousins to Las Vegas (Erin, Rachel, Kristen, Ellen) for a girls' weekend.  

March - Turned 39 the same day Clara turned 5.  Had a joint little birthday party with three neighbor families.  Attended a business boot camp with some friends, had fun in Park City eating sushi.  Besties came to visit for Spring Break.  

April - Went to Virginia for Spring Break for a week and saw many old friends.  

May - Went to Grand Junction for Memorial Day.  Saw the Circus with the Bultmans.  Josh wrapped up First Grade.  Marty moved into the basement to start work at Providence Hall.  Ben Bennett (good friend from Virginia) moved to Utah. 

June - Graduated from the Paid to Play business academy.  Round two of the Amazing Race with the Olsens and the Martinezes.  Clara graduated from preschool.  Went to the Thanksgiving Point Children's Gardens.

July - Hosted and planned the Earl Family reunion with all but one in-law present.  75+ people!  Same weekend - bestie and family moved into the basement.  Attended cousin Julia's wedding in California.  Went to Thanksgiving Point Children's Gardens again with bestie and kids.  Attended great-aunt Mimi's 89th birthday party.  

August - Vacationed for a week at the Oregon Coast (Depoe Bay).  Went whale watching, to the aquarium, lunch with sister Carly and family, Tillamook cheese factory.  Rob and Jessica got married!  Back to school night for new Junior High and Elementary.  First Day of School!

There ya go - if you read it fast it will take you about a minute.  We've been mega-busy, like everyone else in the world.  At least now if I ever go back I will be able to remember what we did.  Thank heaven for digital pictures.  

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Lisa said...

Whoa, Josh still looks pretty much the same as the last time I saw him (maybe a little taller) but Clara looks SO GROWN UP. Make them stop!