Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween is now spread out over 37 days and 45 events.  Friday we went trick-or-treating at Dave's work.  Saturday we had a trunk-or-treat.  Sunday we had a dinner at my aunt and uncle's house with finger foods.  The kids wore their costumes to school today for a Halloween Parade, and then there is the big event tonight.  These are pictures of the events so far.  We will see if I manage to get pictures taken tonight!

 Tractor Tippin'
 The Five Crazies
Children of the Corn
 Hanging out at the Pumpkin Patch for FHE
 Remind me to wear makeup next year
Clara the Cowgirl
 Carving Pumpkins
 Getting the low-down on pulling the guts out
 Instructions from Spencer
 Clara waits to begin
 Tyler busts out his cheesy smile
 Deep in the heart of the pumpkins
 The Headless Horseman!
 Traditional Pumpkin
 Trick or Treating at the LDS Church
 Josh the Cowardly Lion
 Kate as Dorothy
 Clara as Dorothy
 The Three Musketeers
 He has hair!
 Clara switches to her witch costume
 Halloween Parade at Providence Hall - Clara
 Hailee in the parade
 Josh waves hello
 Kate in the parade
Spencer as Mario!

At Dave's work, they had a spook alley and a row of cubes converted into a Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Oz alley.  So cute!  There were hundreds of kids and it was chaos.  We stuck to one floor mostly for trick-or-treating, but it was fun to finally see Dave's work.  We took Kate along with us because she wanted to go, but the Romingers headed out to Arizona for the weekend so they missed out on the fun. 

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Audrey said...

Halloween gets bigger every year, right?!