Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Playing In November

 I snuck up on Clara when I volunteered at her Thanksgiving Feast at school. 
 She was happy to see me and gave me a big hug.
 The kids ate a LOT of crap.  It was supposed to be that they brought their favorite treat, but, I think most parents just cleaned out their pantries.  I brought cut up fruit - shocker.
 We worked on manners, saying please and thank you, for the feast. 
 Post sugar high.  Note: processed mac n cheese (microwaved), cheetos, string cheese...lovely.
 I loved this - she makes me laugh.
 Josh had a really ugly dangling tooth that FINALLY came out this month. 
 One of my cool Webelos got his Arrow of Light, 20er, and became our Denner
 We went to Thanksgiving Point with The Birds (my friends from BYU)
 I think I have 27 different pictures of this cave
 Probably as many of the Design-a-Dino
And even more of my kids playing in this sand

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