Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Our tradition is to have Christmas Eve at my mom's house every year.  When I was growing up we never had Christmas at our house, so we created a tradition to always have Christmas Eve at her house from now on.  We make Mexican food every year and somehow we always manage to have Santa show up! 

The kids table - they are all looking at Santa
Santa and Josh
Santa and Hailee
Santa and Clara
Santa and Tyler
Santa and Spencer
Santa with the kids
The grownup table
Dave and Marty
Lighting the Luminarias.  Usually it is too cold and windy so it was fun that we could do it this year.
Eric (cousin) and Aunt Karen (mom's sister)
Clara and Josh

Eric the wiseman
Marc and Eric dressing up as wisemen
The beginning of the Nativity with Mary (Hailee) and Joseph (Spencer)
The kids were very solemn as the grownups took turns reading from the Bible and Book of Mormon.
The kids
The Nativity
After the Nativity, the kids opened their Christmas pajamas
This year we got our pajamas at Disneyland. 
 Dave and I had matching pants.
We wrapped things up by opening presents with Aunt Karen and Uncle Jack.  It has been great to have them come up the past few years and join us.  Most of my Christmas Eves growing up were at their house or other aunts and uncles. 

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