Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Short Person Syndrome

When I hang out with some of my friends, I am the short one.  I am 5'5" so that tells you how tall these women are.  We met at Brio for dinner and to catch up because it had been too long.  I love these women.  They are strong, independent, opinionated, and amazing! 

Me, Jen, Cynthia, Rachel, Rochelle
After dinner I went shopping with Rachel and Rochelle and we met up with Rachelle and Tonya.  Yes, you read that right!  Rachel, Rochelle and Rachelle.  We also have two Jennifers, but the other one lives in Tulsa and couldn't fly in for the night.  We also have a Sally who was there earlier, but had a family party to go to.  Every single one of these women have been through some big challenges in life.  It is a powerful testament to the strength of women!  I am so grateful to count them as friends. 

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