Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Concert

Josh and Kate have been the best of friends since they were one year old.  We used to joke that they would end up married someday, but we don't think that anymore.  They are really funny together and fight like siblings.  During the summer there is a well worn path between our houses. 
I have no idea what movie they were watching.  We have 3 large TVs in various rooms and they preferred to watch on a 7 inch screen.
Clara joined in.
Later that night we went to the school Christmas Concert.  These two brilliant people are the President of the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent of the school.  I am great friends with both of them and think that they are amazing and did I mention brilliant?
This was Josh's group.  You can see him poking his head around somewhere in the middle.
I couldn't get Clara to look at the camera.
Hailee is in the middle.  It was so loud, but she heard us yell her name.
This is our fantastic principal. 
Clara and Hailee are both in this picture if you can find them!

Like most Christmas Concerts at schools these days, this one was loud and chaotic.  It was fun for the kids, though, and that is what is important!

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