Monday, December 19, 2011

I was an Elf

Every once in a while I am capable of being a fun mom.  Not very often, mind you, because I am old.  However, on December 19th I dusted off my image and dressed up like an elf.  Why?  See below.

I needed proof for my kids when they grow up complaining about the fact that I don't do crafts with them.  "Yeah, but do your friends' moms dress up like this?"  I didn't think so.
We had a large blow up Santa on the stage to sing to.  It was a little weird, but whatever.
Each of the grades came in and we did repeat performances for three hours.  I would say we were the biggest hit with the Kindergartners.  By the time we got to the 5th graders, we were tired and they thought we were nuts.
Mrs. Claus read a Christmas story, and the rest of us...
were blinged out in Christmas colors for our fantastic song "Santa Baby".  Kudos to Heather (Pink Elf) for writing the song!  It was hilarious!

Santa listen, your Christmas colors are so boring
We want more colors it’s true
Santa listen, we’ve got some ideas for you…

Santa listen, I’m out of place and feeling so blue, it’s true
Wanna be seen in lime green
Santa listen, add us to the colors this year.

Why can’t we just keep red and green?
We’re the best colors that we’ve ever seen

Purple, pink, and lime green
Blue and Silver, Santa don’t be mean

Boo doo bee doo

Santa listen, nothing rhymes with purple at all
Who cares?  I want it in anyway
Santa listen, add us to the colors this year

Santa cutie, there’s one thing that you really need
Some bling!  Like my big silver ring.
Santa, cutie, add us to the colors this year

Santa listen, my favorite color is pink
Whatcha think?
I need to be in the line
Santa listen, and add us to the colors this year

Why can’t we just keep green and red?
Get those crazy colors right out of your head.
We’ve been here for oh so long
Going with those colors would be very wrong!

Boo doo bee doo

Sweetie, listen, these elves have got a very good case
Let’s face
It’s time for change in the world
Sweetie listen

Let’s brighten up the Holidays
Let’s brighten up the Holidays
Let’s brighten up the Holidays

Every elf except for me had a head cold. 
Do you think this is an "I'm proud of you, Mom!" smile? 

The women in this picture are not real elves.  All elves were impersonated by moms.  The women in this picture are also the women that make up the Parent Teacher Organization.  That morning, we put on a Teacher Appreciation breakfast.  The teachers were treated to breakfast/brunch in the teacher's lounge while we entertained the kids with stories and a sing-a-long.  

No real elves were harmed during this event.

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