Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I may be a little behind on posting with my family blog because I am usually posting deep thoughts (ha) over at All the Sanity in Me.  Since it is a four day weekend I thought I would catch up a bit.  This year for Thanksgiving we double dipped and went to our Bestie's house for dinner and Dave's aunt and uncle's house for dessert. 

Loree and Grammy
Dave - this was during Mustache Movember or whatever it was called.  We all hated it.  
Except for Dave.
My cute and snaggle toothed kid.
Our fearless chef (yes, I tried the turkey)
As usual, the kids made a mess
The girls made us all cute place cards.
Curt, Kelly and Dave had a post Thanksgiving workout with the kids
We had a fantastic surprise!  Uncle Kelly, who wasn't supposed to be at any of the Holidays this year, surprised us and flew in for Thanksgiving.  We loved it!
Rob, Dave, Nancy, Curt and Kelly
The Brothers

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