Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break in Arizona - 2012

While in Arizona for Spring Break we went to lunch with one of my very best friends in the world, Regina!  It was amazing to finally have our kids meet after all of these years.
When I was a lowly little Freshman in high school and Regina was a Junior, we sat near each other in Spanish with Senor Romo.  During "yippy skippy" time one day I said to her, "Does your voice always sound like that, or do you have laryngitis?"  We have been friends ever since.  I know that everyone who knows Regina would agree - she is one amazing woman!
 Cute girls!  They hit it off right away. 
 We went to an Easter picnic with my Uncle's family and the kids had a huge water fight.

 I may or may not have been a target.
 Cute Grace and Tucker playing ping pong.
 I love my cousins, and love that my kids love THEIR cousins so much!

For being such a shorty, Josh is actually pretty good at basketball.  It must be all of the Suns watching that I did early on in his childhood.

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