Thursday, June 21, 2012

Belle Gets Baptized

 Josh and Belle are second cousins and are total frenemies.  Poor Josh is the ONLY BOY most of the time when we get together with my cousins.  He is flanked by 8 girls.  They torture him and terrorize him and love on him and try to kiss him.  He hates it.  I told him he will love it when he is older and gets set up with all of their friends.  He disagrees.
 Belle was baptized so they put their differences aside and loved each other for the day.
 The Fargo cousins were in town so we had a motley crew. 
 This is my extraordinarily cute nephew/cousin, Ethan.  He turned 18 and that kind of freaked me out because in my head he is little.  This is not unusual for me.
Bryn and Sarah were born one day apart.  They are beauties!

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