Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 3, 2012 - Clara's 6th Birthday

 Clara and I share a birthday, so we spent part of the day having a friend party!  Our friends, Barbara and Caitlin, were able to come from Seattle to spend our big day with us! 

 The kids spent some time coloring Strawberry Shortcake pictures.

 I made these cupcakes myself!  They are Strawberry Vegan Cupcakes and were oh so good!

 The kids also had waffles since it was a Brunch Party.
 Clara and Caitlin

 Clara and Hannah
 Clara and Lauren
 Clara and Casey
 Clara and Brinley
 Clara and Liam
 Clara and Damon
 The Party Animals
 Clara and Hailee
 The Birthday Girls!

 Ginny made me an apron for my birthday!
 Josh requested that Ginny make turtle pajamas and she delivered!

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