Friday, August 24, 2012

The Rest of the Summer 2012

I am embarrassed to say that I really didn't take any pictures the rest of the summer other than a few here and there. We spent a great deal of the summer at the pool, going most days and meeting our besties there. That being said, I didn't take pictures. We also started homeschooling at the beginning of August. We did manage one day to take the kids down to BYU to get them excited about being Cougars someday. It was hot, but we ate ice cream and bought t-shirts. 

My dad's first cousin Chris passed away so I went to the wake with my dad.  I hadn't met him, but I knew it was probably the only chance I would have to meet some of my dad's other cousins.  The black and white picture is of my grandfather and his immediate family.  My grandfather is on the bottom right.  I did meet his father (bottom left) when I was an infant.  The picture below is of my dad and his cousins, Alan, my dad (Kirk), Larry, and Marcy.  It was wonderful to meet them all and to be around the Rasmussen side of my family. 

 Josh has really made some strides with playing the piano over the past year.  He is taking lessons from his Amabuela.  Some weeks he works hard at it and some weeks he hardly practices.  Let's just call him a normal kid.  He threatens to quit regularly and I threaten to take away his Nintendo DS if he doesn't practice.  We are a well adjusted family.

We took a few drives up to the cabin this summer.  We love it up there, but never are able to spend as much time as we like. 

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