Saturday, September 15, 2012

Karen Turns 70

My Aunt Karen turned 70 this year, so we had a surprise party for her.  Sean and Kristen flew in from Fargo, Jeanne and Donna flew up from Arizona.  We met at a restaurant in Orem and surprised her there.  It was hilarious, and so fun for us to all be together without kids anywhere around us until later.  Eric was conducting a stake out, but his yellow shoes were glaring.
 Kristen and Cheryl
 Erin, Donna, Sean and Evie (my mom)
 This is what happens when we all get together and try to keep from being seen.
 It gets really strange.  45 year olds start squatting.
 But it was all worth it when we saw Karen's face.  She definitely doesn't look 70!
 Kristen, Sean, Erin, Gordy, Mike, Karen
 After dinner we went back to the house for dessert, and the kids had decorated.
 Jack and Karen - no really, she is 70!

They blew out their candles (their birthdays are a day apart).

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