Thursday, September 13, 2012

Knights of Freedom and Liberty Girls Begins 2012

 This year as part of our homeschool, we joined a Commonwealth School.  Josh goes to a group with 10 boys ages 8-11.  They read about and study the lives of statesmen.  This semester we read biographies of John Smith, Squanto, and William Bradford.  I volunteered to be one of the mentors, so I get to be on this journey with him.  The boys are amazing.  They do exhibitions and share stories, along with having book discussions.  We also do crafts and activities.  The best part is that they have time for swordplay with foam swords.  We meet at my friend's house who has a lot of space to roam, so the boys have all sorts of adventures.
 Lady Rebecca is our fearless leader.
 The boys have a motto that they recite, poetry to memorize, and we say the Pledge of Allegiance and open every meeting with a prayer. 

 We also voted at the beginning of the semester on a King, a Prince, and a Lord Chancellor to run the show.  The boys had the opportunity to give a speech on why they thought they should be elected.  Josh wasn't interested, being one of the younger boys.

 Red faced from swordplay, but kicking back and enjoying the show.

 My cute friend Paige, who oddly enough was my friend who started the charter school that my kids went to for a few years, is the leader of Clara's Liberty Girls group.  The Liberty Girls read American Girl Doll books and have activities centered around what girls would do during that time period.  This semester we read the Kaya series.  Josh really loved the books as well.  We had a good time reading them together and talking about what it would be like to be a Native American in the 1700s.  Between Kaya and the biographies, I have learned a great deal!
 One fun Saturday the Liberty Girls families met at a lake and went fishing and had a picnic. 
 Josh also started as a Bear this year.  He turned 9 in September.  He is such a funny kid.  We are looking at braces early in 2013, but I'll take those blue eyes and freckles and that dimple.

I am so blessed to have my two kiddos.  We aren't a big family, but we have a lot of love for each other.  My kids don't have a crafty mom, but they get 100s of kisses a day!

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