Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012. Includes Halloween.

 We spent General Conference hanging out with friends while Dave was out of town.

 And sleeping in strange places like the living room floor.
 Or the kitchen floor.
 We played with cousins Hazel, Ellen and Ruby.
 ...and Maggie and Sam.
 I joined Ocean Avenue.  And bought Clara a t-shirt.
Then she lost a tooth.
 Then we decided that the kids should dress up and go beg for candy.  Except Josh, who maintained that he had absolutely no interest.
 Clara finally got her wish to be a bat after begging for two years.
 The kids were all ready for action.
 Cleopatra and the bat (both toothless)
 At the last minute Josh said, "I should bring a grocery sack in case someone wants to give me candy."  Aunt Loree put her foot down and made Josh dress up in Spencer's costume from last year.  It was awesome.
 So Bat and Mario were ready for action.
 Dave was responsible for stopping the boys from running too far ahead.
I did this and stuck a bowl of candy on the front stairs. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jen Again

Jen was in town for a quick trip.  So Tonya, Rachel and I met her at Z' Tejas for some fun and conversation.  We got a group picture, but I don't have it so these will have to do!